Tell us more! Have you chosen a venue? If you’ve been referred to us, please let us know by who so we can thank them!

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Absolutely! All are welcomed and we will work just as hard to bring your event to life as any other.

We are a Milwaukee based company but plan events all over the country. We love designing evenings at venues that are new just as much as we do designing at venues that are familiar to us, so feel free to contact us today.

Please check us out via social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Typically, venue coordinators are responsible for overseeing the logistics as it relates directly to the venue whether that be set-up, food, and beverage, or both. We will manage ALL logistics and design details with your entire event team.


We have processes in place to keep everyone organized including the venue coordinator. Our magic powers are streamlining your event and executing everything in a way that makes the entire process stress-free for you and the team of vendors.

This service is ideal for people who wants to be involved in all aspects of their event but need help tying everything together. There is a little more detail that does into service than meets the eye and for this reason we only take on a select number of clients per year. Please contact us as soon as possible for availability.

Absolutely! Video calls can replace some of the in-person planning meetings so we can stay on track while still giving you that in person experience. We understand how stressful it can be planning an event in a different location, so we work extremely hard to make sure the process is enjoyable and stress-free.

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